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Holy Mother of Recap

When going to a trade-show it’s natural to feel hyped about the products on display. Every car show I go to I leave convinced that now is the right time to buy that 2-seater I’ve always wanted – but it never is – it’s just the hype. Trade shows have been honing the craft of making you want what they’re hocking for years and they’re quite adept at it. The thing is, Adobe MAX was a little different. Of course I left wanting to run out and buy CS4, but not for shop-therapy or wanting something shiny or new.

When Apple launched their new Mac Books I wanted a new one – for about a minute. Then I looked down at my year-old MacBook with 4 gigs of RAM and thought how silly wanting a new one was when the one I have is bad-ass. Not the case with CS4. There are actually new tools to be used, new and easier workflows for creation and faster performance. We live in Adobe products and we make our livelihoods using their tools. Upgrades are key. The following is my recap of my thoughts at Adobe MAX this year:
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