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250 prepared electro hub magnets | Untitled Sound Objects
Pe Lang + Zimoun 2006

I love this artist. Not just the aesthetics of the work but the self-organizing and pseudo AI principles behind it.

Self Portrait Study

(Role: Design Director, Original Concept. Programmer.)

I’ve been playing around with generative art in Flash for a while now. Recently I discovered how to work in using the bitmapData class in order to achieve more complex compositions. My first few tests focused on working with older photographs of myself and turning them into organic, painterly pieces.

Fun With the bitMapData Object

I’m a little late to the party here (like 4 years!), but nonetheless I’ve set out to do some generative art work with photography, flash and painterly randomness. These are the first few outputs from the new program I’ve created. Still tweaking things, but you can see my first stab in motion below (it may look done, but the final rendering takes upwards of 5 minutes – if you want to stay ’till the end).

Generative Toy

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. A while ago I created a flash drawing program to generate color fields for an experimental branding exercise I was doing for Roundarch. I explored using different palettes of color to distinguish between core pillars/competencies within Roundarch. You can read and see more here.