Generative Art

I’ve been playing with a little generative art toy that takes an input string (your name for instance) and maps it out on an X/Y plane. So each letter has unique properties and when strung together in different order, different compositions are made. This is my first stab at this (Click and drag the composition to get it centered):

I have a very very long way to go to get it where I want it, but in the end I’m going to make IDs for members of my team each with their names as the input. I think it would be cool to each have our unique abstract symbol based on something concrete and unchanging (like a name).

2 thoughts on “Generative Art

  1. johnforz

    you should make it write all of the strings (like people that visited your blog) to a DB so we can see who’s been playing with your toy… i guess capturing the visual would be the difficult part.. would caching bitmaps work? i dunno, i’m so lost with flash nowadays…

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