Don’t Buy A Phosphor

Update: After shipping the broken watch back to Phosphor and a few weeks of back-and-forth with customer support, I now have a functioning replacement. 3 months later…


My awesome phosphor watch. Just over one month old. Dead. RIP.
I got so many compliments on the watch. From the highly readable display, to the funky time-telling design, to the electric-orange detail on the side of the band, the compliments kept coming. I was beginning to think that phosphor had a winner on its hands. Take a look at what it should look like:


But they clearly don’t. No matter how gorgeous a design, your product must function for a reasonable amount of time. And if it fails, you need some sense of customer service beyond an FAQ online.

Such are the perils (and expenses – this wasn’t cheap) of being an early adopter…

5 thoughts on “Don’t Buy A Phosphor

  1. Tim

    What problem did you have with their support? Or did they have problems fixing it or not wanting to fix it? Just curious.

    1. admin Post author

      when I shipped it back they took a very long time to acknowledge that they received it. And took 3+ months to replace, which is a long time I think. Unless they couldn’t meet demand or needed to fix something wrong with the manufacturing of it. I’m happy with it now, but the whole ordeal of the 1st one reminded me of why early-adoption is a perilous endeavor.

  2. Tim

    Thanks for the response. I had ordered a watch directly from Phosphor, which may have been a mistake. They claim they mailed it out priority mail, but I have yet to receive it 4 or 5 days later. And they ignore my emails asking about it, and no tracking number was given. The only reason I even ordered directly from them is because they have a coupon for $40 off (40REBATE) until December 20th.

    I think they are a Chinese based company with an office in California.

  3. Tim

    Just an update to my purchase from them. I did receive the watch today, they mailed it 2 day Fedex. Which I’m happy about. Although it would have helped if they had at least replied to my emails letting me know. The watch size fits my skinny arm much better than I expected. I had to look at it before Christmas :)

  4. Eric

    Similar problem, I’ve been waiting for 2 months for the replacement watch bands for my phosphor watch. They have charged my credit card but, after a half dozen emails, several phone calls to their phone number that just puts you to voicemail, I’m still waiting on my watch bands. Hopefully they will show up in 3 months like yours.

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