Monthly Archives: March 2011

No Ants Required

So forget the ants from Pi. You know, the ones that produced the stock-market-predicting, answer-to-life-having goo? Ya those. They’re so a decade ago. All you need now to predict the stock market is Charlie Sheen’s #winning and what Justin Bieber is eating for lunch.


Sarah Cohen, a Knight professor at Duke University and former reporter at the Washington Post, and Visual Hint bring you Time Flow. Time Flow:

rethink[s] timelines, striving to always show as much textual detail about the data as possible…

TimeFlow offers five different viewing options: timeline, calendar, bar chart, table and list. There is also considerable flexibility in filtering values, combining filters, and re-arranging points on the screen.

250 prepared electro hub magnets | Untitled Sound Objects
Pe Lang + Zimoun 2006

I love this artist. Not just the aesthetics of the work but the self-organizing and pseudo AI principles behind it.