Monthly Archives: December 2010

Fun With Grids and Colors and Icons

I was playing today with creating a brand texture out of icons. Currently this test uses a stock icon set called Whitespace and a palette I found on Adobe Kuler. I randomized the grid of icons using three sizes and randomized the colors within the palette.

Next stop is to finish the unique icons and apply the brand colors. Much like the Roundarch Idents I explored a few years ago, the output of this work is meant to programmatically (but within predefined parameters) generate unique brand textures for use in various collateral.

And My Love for Flipboard Grows…

The choice is simple when it’s between a reverse-chron list or a magazine-like layout. Flipboard’s value lies in adding color, depth and a great user-experience to your social media-scape. If you haven’t already tried it (and you should), it does this by using a formatting algorithm to create page-layouts for your social media feeds AND their linked content.

Now Flipboard is offering it’s platform to digitally distribute select print articles in a richer, more purposefully designed way. I’d like to see the impact of this on the velocity of sharing/volume of commenting for these richer, better-designed articles.

Modern Landscape at 210fps

From Graeme Taylor:

In all my slow-motion work so far, I’ve used a static camera to capture a high-speed event. But, I wondered, what would happen if the camera was the fast-moving object? For instance, if you use a 210fps camera at 35mph, on playback at 30fps it’ll seem to the observer that they’re moving at walking pace- but everything observed will be operating at 1/7th speed.