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Creative Recharge

A former professor of mine told me “you can’t shit if you don’t eat”. What she meant was that I needed to learn a balance between creative input and output. As a designer if you work too hard for too long, you start to loose the joy in what you do and that’s a death-knell for your career.

So reading this about elBulli, the Best Resturant in the World, certainly caught my attention:

elBulli, which boasts three stars in the Michelin guide, will close to the public in 2012 and 2013 but continue to serve as a research lab, and then reopen in 2014.

During this time, all the know-how about elaborations, techniques and styles acquired after 30 years of creative research will be analyzed, and the results of said work will be compiled in a comprehensive a thorough encyclopedia

Ballsy and potentially brilliant.

New Preloaded

Picture 1

This is a blast from the past for me, I haven’t thought about Preloaded for a while now. They’ve relaunched with a new blog/portfolio site similar to those mentioned in my earlier post, Flash No More.

The thing I dislike about this latest incarnation (and I really shouldn’t talk because my blog template isn’t sophisticated) is that their site feels very template-ized. Almost as if it were a modified wordpress template (from the likes of wordpressthemedatabse, et. al.). Now this isn’t to say that their site isn’t clean and very well executed (read a how-to here), I just think it lacks a certain uniqueness that, for instance, Big Spaceship has.

Am I off-base here?

Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Day late and a dollar short:

I do like the keyboard concept where other keys/layouts are stored off-screen in 2-d space. Though the “sliding-nav” paradigm is certainly derivative of the original iPod, you can’t blame anyone for using it. After all, Apple didn’t invent “left” and “right”.

Yes Please

The other powertrain that we’ll definitely see in the Focus is a full battery electric option. The Focus Electric will join the lineup sometime in 2011 using a lithium ion battery pack and electric drive developed in cooperation with Magna International. The Focus Electric is expected to have a driving range of 80-100 miles.

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