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The Cutting Room Floor

tagesAnziger by iA

Great article from iA about a newspaper redesign pitch they lost. The best part is their thinking behind the blue highlighted text:

Scannability and print link: Make the articles scannable by using key words in blue. If you speak German you can actually read the front page in 20 seconds by flying over the blue key words. It gets better: If you type any of those key words on the website search, you will get a list of articles with the respective keyword in a chronological order. That way you avoid the necessity to print http;// style links in print. Links in print obviously doesn’t mean that you can click it, it means linking the paper to the online edition.

I couldn’t love this more – especially in relation to my previous rant post about how much I hate the page flip metaphor executed digitally. Here is an example of the reverse happening (well not happening – they did lose the pitch after all).

In this case, I love how a digital convention that is highly useful and one we’ve all become accustomed to can make it’s way over to the non-digital world to add value. So does this blow the point of my rant out of the water? I don’t think so. I think if it is useful and adds value then implement it – which is why I’m fine with page-flipping in demos but not in production; because that’s where the value-add is.

But getting back to Information Architects and their beautiful and ill-fated pitch for Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, lots of great tidbits and an article that anyone who has seen a great idea of theirs fall to the cutting room floor can relate to.