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I love Not only because of the idiosyncratic way in which I’m presented with “designer porn”, but because from any image I’m looking at, I have suggestions on other similar images I might like. It works quote well and I often find myself happily stuck in an international-design-style vortex of Brockmann or Crowell.

We’re used to these feedback loops in ecommerce sites but it’s only been recently that we’ve been seeing them pop up for artistic inspiration purposes. Enter Cologorize:


This site is a fantastic resource of inspiration and art direction. I’m not sure why you’d like to begin the search by color, but once looking at a dark comp, for instance, it’s real great to see other similarly executed sites to further stimulate the brain. Go check it out.

A Lexicon of Disappointment

Naomi Klein goes through some terms that Obama superfnas might be feeling now that we know single-payer healthcare is off the table, as he has kept us from even confronting the crimes of the Bush years, as Wall St. rakes in billion from the bailout, as…

By Naomi Klein – April 15th, 2009

Hoper coaster. Like a roller coaster, the hoper coaster describes the intense emotional peaks and valleys of the Obama era, the veering between joy at having a president who supports safe-sex education and despondency that single-payer healthcare is off the table at the very moment when it could actually become a reality. Sample sentence: “I was so psyched when Obama said he is closing Guantánamo. But now they are fighting like mad to make sure the prisoners in Bagram have no legal rights at all. Stop this hoper coaster–I want to get off!”

Hopelash. Like a backlash, hopelash is a 180-degree reversal of everything Obama-related. Sufferers were once Obama’s most passionate evangelists. Now they are his angriest critics. Sample sentence: “At least with Bush everyone knew he was an asshole. Now we’ve got the same wars, the same lawless prisons, the same Washington corruption, but everyone is cheering like Stepford wives. It’s time for a full-on hopelash.”

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