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Helicopters, Cover-ups and War Crimes

This article is insane and I encourage all to read it.

Essentially in return for fake “yellowcake” documents provided by the Italian government used to justify the Iraq war, Bush awarded a lucrative contract to an Italian company to produce the presidential helicopter, Marine One.

I seriously hope Obama uses this opportunity to further expose illegal practices by the Bush administration in the run-up to Iraq.

The Universe in ’09


As a followup to Seed Magazine’s February 2009 issue, The Universe in ’09, Seed has lunched a cool interactive edition of the magazine.

The top navigation mechanism is evidently a play off of the design of the magazine’s spine which is some sort of chemical-spectral visualization of one of the elements on the periodic table (for a full explanation of the design inspiration behind the magazine, colors and logo, read the foreword of the Feb ’09 issue – original magazine Creative Direction done by Stephan Sagmeister).

Either way, we’ve all seen this interaction paradigm done before, admittedly with more polish and smoothness elsewhere. However, as is with most content providers, content is king. And Seed’s content is some of the most engaging and rewarding out there for dorks like me. In this execution the interaction doesn’t at all get in the way of enjoying the content – in fact it enhances the overall experience by reinforcing the multi-threaded world we live in.

In all, go to this site not so much for a flashy new toy, but for the content – and along the way be engaged and rewarded. Kind of like the magazine itself.

(thnx Mulvey for pointing this out)

New Google Mobile Reader


This seems to be a sniffer issue that they have now resolved for the iPhone. Wheew!

This morning I noticed Google changed there iPhone reader to something that looks like it was designed for a clam-shell ca. 1999. WTF?


Google’s Old Mobile Reader (Left) and Google’s New Mobile Reader (Right)

I really loved the sophistication of their old mobile reader – you could browse folders and really do anything that the full-featured version could do. It also used consistent UI paradigms between the mobile and full versions. I also appreciated the integration of that top blue bar (not shown in demo shot, but trust me, it was there) with the rest of their mobile offering. I can’t stress enough how disappointing this revision is.

Maybe their going to save the good version for their android phones, which would be a shame because I’d then have to choose between tight music integration (iPhone) and fantastic & integrated mobile web content delivery.

Someone bring the old mobile reader back!

I Wrote Something Somewhere Else

Did a little Roundarch Blog Post:

At Roundarch we often work behind the firewall – which for people not familiar with our terminology, means we work on projects we’re not allowed to discuss, much less show publicly. As designers, not having a public audience/forum for our work can be both liberating and frustrating. So when Sam Lessin and Chad Stoller from contacted us to assist them in redesigning their simple yet powerful service, our ears perked up. Not only would we have an opportunity to creatively contribute to a product we all believed in, but we could do so publicly without risking the ire of valued but secret clients.

I can’t stress enough how useful their tool really is. I use it all the time. I have used it for an internal Roundarch presentation on Cloud Computing as well as for other personal things like picture drops and quick file transfers (when my IM craps-out). The ways in which to use their service seem to grow with each user’s imagination.

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