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Drop-Dead Gorgeous

After my last post railing on a particular microsite – and possibly calling into question the validity of the medium (of a microsite) itself – I’d like to point out an execution I feel is particularly beautiful, immersive and successful: The 2010 Ford Fusion Site, by Soleil Noir.

This execution has it all: gorgeous use of color, slick transitions, clear UI controls and buttons. And it accomplished it’s goal perfectly, in that, I actually got excited about a Ford – WTF!?!?!

Anyway – there’s not too much more to say about this project other than I with they could all be like this.

This Aesthetic is Why I Got Into Design

This aesthretic is why I got into design in the first place. I fell in love with the TDR style in college through club-flyer design (TDR knockoffs), 12″ sleeves (Satoshi Tomiie, “Love in Traffic” was my all-time favorite) and then later when I knew what was going on, through TDR work directly for Warp and their work for Funkstrorung.

If I could encapsulate the “reason I got into design in the first place” into one motion piece it would be the following:

Ahhhh this brings me back…;

Framing The Issue

With all of the Obama economic plan-talk, how come no one is framing these issues as the failures of Friedmanite economic theory vs. the benefits of Keynsian economic theory? We have already argued Keynes vs. Friedman in the public sphere and we seem to have to come to agree to disagree – split along party lines of course. Only now there are quite a few Republicans that seem to see the light of Obama’s plan. Will they now renounce Friedman?

It seems like everyone in the media is dissecting Obama’s plan and wondering if we’ll be able to pay it back. Haven’t democrats proved by now that investing in public works and stimulating the economy by funding government programs is a successful formula for jump-starting the economy?

Watching the Sunday talking heads and I’m being reminded of just how severely our Fourth Estate has failed us. Back to reading Krugman and Klien…

Why Does This Site Exist?

Now before anyone jumps down my throat here I will say that this site is very pretty and the overall experience is enjoyable to use – but honestly – why does this site exist? Nikon consumers are really supposed to create a drawing with a ray of light and connect to users across the world? Why? Why spend my time? Am I coming back to this site frequently to connect to more people? To see who is connected to me? If so, then is this platform and execution the best to facilitate these connections? What is the service this site is providing me – or to put it another way – what’s in it for me (other than a way to waste 10 minutes of my day)?

I see this over and over with microsites and I just can’t understand why they exist. Now some will say that a brand is an experience and creating an immersive, enjoyable digital experience is essential to fully formed brand. And I agree that interaction patterns and digital experiences are brand-elements. But in order to justify the amount of commitment on the user’s part to engage and use this brand-experience, in this case (and in most cases), I think the payoff needs to be much greater. I think standing apart more from other digital experiences (whether they’re transactional, funcitonal, or whatever) is essential. And unfortunately over and over again, the medium of the mictosite just falls down in accomplishing this task.