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Interesting Fact

For all the Apple-hype and pre-3G iPhone hysteria, Nokia, the world?s
largest maker of cellphones, sells more phones every week than Apple has
sold since the iPhone?s introduction.

Go Play With Many-Eyes – NOW!

So following up on my last post, I decided to start uploading and manipulating data sets in Many Eyes. I began with Nielsen Media Research TV viewership ratings for the past week. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s nice to see the viewership numbers cross referenced against the network. Take a look at how FOX has only a few shows but they are complete gorillas, whereas ABC takes the balanced approach of many shows at middle-of-the-road viewership #’s. Take a look and go over there and upload your own data sets to visualize.

Many Eyes

I’ll write moe about this in the future, but I attended the AIGA/NY Fresh Dialogue: IN/VISIBLE talk last evening and Fernanda VĂ­egas demoed Many Eyes. This groundbreaking collection of data visualization tools and datasets is bound to make lots of noise as the months and years progress. Taking a youTube/wikipedia approach to democratizing data visualization and advocating its acceptance as a medium, Many Eyes allows the average joe to upload any dataset (e.g. sock colors I own) and wrap a data visualization around it (scatter-plot). The result is a fresh new way to look at the world around you – one that maybe only Andrew Kuo truly understands.


This has been getting kicked around the blogosphere today and I wanted to chime in…

So evidently, Russell Davies had the idea of covering the surface of his laptop with chalkboard paint. I’ve heard nayasyers mentioning the chalk-dust would have harmful effects on the laptop’s long-term life (how long do I REALLY want to have this laptop for anyway?), mentioning how the writing surface appears to only be usable when the computer is closed (that’s what hinges are for), etc… I’m sitting at my desk now with a post-it on my laptop palm-guard, a few reminders push-pinned to my corkboard and a few UI diagrams sketched out on the floor-to-ceiling whiteboard to my right. Programs like SketchBookPro are cool and all, but for me the digital device can’t replicate and supplant some of my analog go-tos. I think it has to do with screen size and tactility. Now I don’t remember the last time I got into it on a chalk-board Beautiful Mind-style, but for me, surfaces/places to jot down ideas – the more the merrier!

The Art of Richard Sarson

Cities of the World
Produced June 2007 | Client. Aecom | Produced whilst at OPX Communications Design
An installation located in the Johnson Building, London. Based on the 8 global headquarters of infrastructure consultancy Aecom (Athens, Dubai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, New York, Shanghai, Sydney). The 8 graphics take each capital city as a starting point and connect it, by means of a line, to all 280 worldwide office locations of Aecom. The image above (LA meeting room) depicts the relationship between Los Angeles and the other offices around the world (the 2 lines to the left are to offices in Hawaii). Images below are: Sydney, Dubai, LA, Hong Kong, Shanghai, all 8.