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Real-Time Interactive Video

A discussion at work prompted me to revisit an article I read in the Creative Review. We were talking about interactive video and I immediately thought of the SC4 Idents Article in the December CR where Minivegas worked with Proud Creative to produce identity videos for SC4. The trick with SC4 is that they broadcast in multiple languages, so the Proud Creative/Minivegas concept was a video that would have elements in it that reacted in real-time to an audio feed being played. This was ideal for SC4 because they could run any feed in any language and the idents would work. Check out the CR Blog article and follow the link to Minivegas for a more detailed description fo what they did and how they did it. The juicy thing to think about for myself, is how this idea of interactive video can translate over to the interactive space…

Minivegas Explanation Video
CR Blog Entry
Proud Creative

Great Data Visualization

Infographic for ESPN Magazine showing origin of Basketball talent. By catalogtree:

The Basketball Talent map shows where 5 coaches of top college basketball teams have found talented ball-players in secret places. The shape of the graphic was largely dictated by the dimensions of the page. We somehow had to combine an index of names with pointers on a map – the available space wasn’t big enough to place the names geographically.

Hyper-Local Catching On

I’ve posted here in the past about hyper-local content and its potential power & usefulness. I’ve also linked up one of the original hyper-local sites out there (one I’ve contributed to): Outside.In. As well as pointed out a very thought provoking essay by Steven Johnson, The Pothole Paradox.

Well there’s a newcomer to the party and I can honestly say it’s interface is very nice and easy to use. I’ve been perusing it for a little while now and can immediately see how I will visit it on a very regular basis. Check it out:  Everyblock.

Navigation Inspiration

While doing motion research for a project I’m working on, I found some navigation inspiration in Kurtz Media’s reel. Now that may sound silly – since I, and almost every other interactive designer, turn to motion reels for inspiration – but this time was different. I usually look at the art direction/aesthetics in motion reels to inform my designs/aspects of my layout, but today I was specifically looking at transitions/spatial layouts of text elements and their overall motion to inform experimental navigation concepts I’m developing. Its interesting that, when viewed through such a narrow lens, these motion reels that I’ve seen dozens of times before all of a sudden looked different. I guess it’s all about perspective.


Buzzword is a web-based document editor owned by Adobe. Now that Microsoft Office 2008 is out in Universal Binary for Mactels, users are realizing that there are many many alternative options to the shackles of Word/Office. I’ve been a iWork user (+ Sun’s Open Office for spreadsheets) because of the dismal performance of Office 2004 (Mac). I don’t honestly know why offices prefer forcing Mac-Using employees to use MS Office. It crashes, slows down the system and is generally distracting to the overall pleasure of using the Mac OS. So I’m glad it looks like viable alternatives to the oppression of Office are starting to gain traction and acceptance. Oh – and it looks like buzzword is a flex application – it’s zippy and responsive UI is a pleasure to use.

The Year of Radical Improvement

P.J., a brilliant Flash coder and expert wordsmith, coined this year’s title when it was just days old. This is the Year of Radical Improvement.

Things you can do to make Radical Improvements in your life include (in no particular order):

  • Read a Book
  • Go to the Gym More
  • Elect a New President
  • Be a Better Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Learn a New Programming Language
  • Win a Gold Medal
  • Learn a New Adobe Software Like the Back of Your Hand
  • Freakin’ Finally Learn PaperVision