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Flickr Mashup Idea

I have been formulating an idea over the past few months around using flickr’s search/tag system to create a browse-by-relevance experience. Meaning that the starting point for the user’s experience is an image of theirs, and from there they may choose to visualize other flickr users’ images that share the same tags/set/image names. So if I’m in my Africa set and I’m looking at “lion1.jpg” I can decide to flip a switch and see other images that get returned when a search for “Africa” + “Lion” is run. This idea stems from an idea I had a while back for “” – what was supposed to be a photo critique/continuing education experience – where users were given an assignment (i.e. “black and white portraiture”) and they could share their photos while receiving and giving critiques on other’s photos in one place. Shortly after I formulated that idea flickr hit the scene in a big way and their “flickr groups” kind of occupied the same conceptual space did. One problem that has been nagging me all these years is that the interface to view your flickr images doesn’t transition well when I want to view other similar images. As flickr currently exists, I have to leave my viewing experience and run a search. No good. I want it all in one place. Continue reading

This is Not a Manifesto

The problem with advertising is that it’s only goal is to get in my way – to act as an obstruction between me and the media I want. Probably because Ad Agencies know by doing that I have to pay attention to their ads. If advertising had a human age and development level it’d be a 9-year old boy. I wonder what that 9-year old boy will do when he realizes that through Media On Demand services like TiVo, Sling Box, Joost, You Tube, TV on DVD, iTunes, et. al. he is being ignored because, despite his efforts, he isn’t obstructing anything anymore. That shiny jewel of media he is standing in front of, blocking while screaming at the top of his lungs for us to buy a new Chevrolet with zero percent down, is being given away for free somewhere else with no gatekeepers or conditions to its viewing. Will advertisers/ing grow up now that they’re faced with the threat of irrelevance?

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A New Obsession

Shortly after my Raxo boat obsession (and somewhat during it as well) I couldn’t stop rummaging through my old photography and grabbing suitable desktop background shots to go on my new 1900×1200 MacBookPro display. Here are a few:

The Fall Harvest

Toward the end of my stay in Galicia I was able to participate in the wine harvest. Galicia is most known for their Albariño grape, but we harvested Catalán grapes as well. After almost cutting off my finger with a clipper here is some video of the process:

El Dia de Santiago

Once every year Christian pilgrims converge on Santiago de Campostela in Galicia for the festival Día de Santiago. Most walk from other parts of Spain and even France to retrace the steps of religious pilgrims long ago. The whole festival concludes with a huge fireworks display in front of the cathedral.

And some video of the event:

Aquariums in Galicia

For some reason Liz and I kept going to Aquariums in every town we visited. I can’t tell you the last time I went to one in the states so maybe thats why I gravitated so strongly to them in Spain. Since Galicia has such a strong fishing industry, and they’re known for their seafood, most of the aquariums featured local species. See them at noon and eat them at 3 – love it.

And some video:

Killing Bulls

While in Spain I had the pleasure of seeing a bullfight in the Plaza de Toros in Pontevedra. I really thought that I would have much more of a problem with the whole thing but I didn’t. It’s sad when they kill the bull at the end for sure, but that meat is some of the most expensive you can buy. They waste not one part of the animal. Sure, it’s a bit barbaric, but the whole event celebrates the power of these animals (with a healthy respect for their lethality).

Some video of the event: